statement clutch dorothy perkins

40 Trends to Try Before You Turn 40

How many can you say that you've tried?

how to walk in high heels thumb

6 Ways to Wear High Heels Without Pain

All tips courtesy of a retired model and professional heel-wearer. Yes, it's THAT legit.


blunt bangs hannah simone

5 Things to Consider Before Getting Blunt Bangs

Should you or should you not? Here's a list of pros and cons to help you make the biggest decision of your (hair) life!


4 Beauty Tricks with Sugar That Really Work

Sweet things aren't always bad for you.


kedai sebelah lunch thumb

7 Cheap Lunch Sets under RM15 in KL

Eating out with a budget doesn't have to taste as little as it costs!

30days to female40 party thumb

30 Days to female's 40th Birthday Party

Let the countdown begin! Hit the boxes for extra goodies and remember to check back everyday for all the exclusive sneak peeks into the biggest birthday bash of the year!


What should guys NOT do to a girl thumb

7 Things A Man Should Not Do to A Woman

Sorry, Mr. Bad Boy. Even the guys are not going to root for you on this.


hm home malaysia opening date

H&M Home Malaysia - A Sneak Peek

We've gotten the opening date!

KLFWPopUP thumb

The FashionablyKL Pop-Up Store Hits Lot 10

Four words: Look Global, Buy Local!


miranda kerr quote thumb

7 Miranda Kerr Quotes Every Woman Should Know

#staypositive #staystrong #womenempowerment

sarah lian female magazine malaysia thumb

5 Stylish Women’s Shoes We Want to Be In

Hi there, can we be friends please?


zara - siam reap 1

Siem Reap in 36 Hours

Recently, Blu Inc Media took its employees (that’s us!) on a 3D2N trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I had actually been...


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August 2014 Giveaway

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Andalusian Adventure

I visited the Andalusian region of Spain last month, and here are my top tips so you don’t miss out on the must-see places and food!


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