vertical stripes tall people thumb

Yes, Tall People Can Wear Vertical Stripes

Contrary to popular belief, it can be flattering no matter how many CMs you are.

michael kors watch hunger stop thumb

Michael Kors - Five Million Meals and Counting

The fight continues and you can be part of it too, soldier!


asian beauty secrets thumb

6 Asian Beauty Secrets to Get Gorgeous Skin

Is there something we're missing?

what your bangs say about you thumb.jpg

Your Bangs Determine What Type of Girlfriend You Are

Forget those horoscope love predictions, and look in the mirror instead!


best viral videos 2014 thumb

7 Amazing Viral Videos of 2014 (So Far)

The cute, the bad and the ugly - time for a rewind to unwind!

best spa hotels thumb

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Spa Hotels in the World

It’s time for a getaway where all you do is relax and get pampered! BTW, there's one in Malaysia too.


tinder review thumb

So I Tried Out Tinder…

I blame BuzzFeed and Thought Catalog articles for getting me curious. All I can say – achievement unlocked.

female dish of the month thumb

18 Hot Half-Naked Guys to Make Your Day Better

Now, THAT’S what we call a sight for sore eyes!


hm home malaysia opening date

H&M Home Malaysia - A Sneak Peek

We've gotten the opening date!

KLFWPopUP thumb

The FashionablyKL Pop-Up Store Hits Lot 10

Four words: Look Global, Buy Local!


colbie caillat try  thumb

Colbie Caillat Wants You to 'Try' to 'Take Your Makeup Off'

Now, where did we put our makeup remover?

david beckham neymar thumb

David Beckham Knew Neymar as A Kid and Shares Old Photos

A gentle reminder of how young the Brazilian footballer really is. #ForcaNeymar


zara - siam reap 1

Siem Reap in 36 Hours

Recently, Blu Inc Media took its employees (that’s us!) on a 3D2N trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I had actually been...


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June 2014 List of Winners

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Andalusian Adventure

I visited the Andalusian region of Spain last month, and here are my top tips so you don’t miss out on the must-see places and food!


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