Malaysian Actor Aeril Zafrel Heads to Hollywood!

Malaysian Actor Aeril Zafrel thumb And it's a lead role starring opposite Sharon Stone and Christina Ricci.

Guess who else is making it to Hollywood - Malaysian actor Aeril Zafrel! The Kisah Kaisara star recently confirmed that he will be playing a lead role in a new Hollywood film starring opposite Sharon Stone and Christina Ricci, as reported by Harian Metro. While the movie is still undergoing production in London, the music video for the movie has already been shot with Christina Ricci earlier this year and will soon be screened on MTV. 

aeril zafrel with christina ricci in music video

As Aeril, whose real name is Suhairil Sunari, is bound by contract by the film's production crew, he is unable to reveal any further details of the film except that it's going to be a love story. 

So how did our Johor boy manage to grab this huge opportunity? Well, the 26-year-old actor's acquaintance in London requested for him to send his career profile over last year and not long after, he got THE call. The producers felt that he fulfilled all the criteria they were looking for in an Asian character. 

malaysian actor aeril zafrel

"I feel like I'm in a dream working in a Hollywood production alongside big stars such as Christina Ricci and Sharon Stone," says the soon-to-be Hollywood actor.

Well, good luck and make us proud, Aeril! 



While most aspiring actors would jump at the chance to lock lips with Hollywood star Christina Ricci in a movie, it’s been reported that Aeril Zafrel wants to avoid any physical contact. In fact, he laid down some ground rules before accepting the role.

“If it’s possible, I try to avoid scenes that involve physical contact. Prior to accepting the part, I told the director what I wouldn’t do – kissing scenes and bedroom scenes – and they were very understanding,” said the 26-year old actor who studied religion in Terengganu and Indonesia for a year.

So how about the scenes with him getting intimate with Christina? Well, apparently the magic of camera tricks played a role, as Aeril explained, “those scenes were filmed with some techniques to make them look real.” What do you think of Aeril’s stand? Let us know in the comments below!


Source and Photos: Cinema Online,


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