how to take care of nails2 thumb No more "OMG, I broke my nail" moments.

Of course, a manicure would give you gorgeous-looking nails but what if there's an occasion where you can't paint your nails a sexy shade of red? Or what if you wanted long fingernails so you can nail a beautiful French mani but it just keeps chipping off half way? See; the 'foundation' is very important, so ladies, it's time to treat your nails the same way you would for your skin/hair and these are simplest things you can do to ensure that!

how to take care of nails

1. Don't cut your cuticles.

Gasp, but that's what the manicurist did for me! Yup, most beauty salons do it but the truth is, cuticles don't want to be cut (or bitten). They're part of your skin and are meant to protect you from infection. What you're supposed to do is gently push the cuticles back, and this is best done after a shower as that's when the skin is soft.


2.  Always apply a base coat.

If you love dark hues for your manicure, then a base coat is an absolute must to avoid staining your digits.


3. Don't over-buff your nails.

Yes, they make your nails all shiny and sparkly but overdoing it could potentially weaken them instead. Also, be sure to do it in one up-and-down motion instead of side-to-side to minimise yellowing.

file nails in one direction

4. File your nails in one direction only.

The point is to shape them into a healthy shape (so they don't break off) and to prevent nail tears - not to 'saw' them. Also, never file them right after a shower as they'll be more vulnerable to tearing.


5. Use nail polish remover once a week only.

Or rather, it's recommended to NOT use it more than once a week. Also, try to find one that has a gentle formula and is acetone-free as acetone can dry your nails and possibly make them yellow. 

6. Peeling off old nail polish is a no-no.

It may seem harmless (and probably very tempting when the colour has chipped and a polish remover isn't within reach), BUT it's not. Instead, it actually aggravates your nail bed. 

diy nail spa treatment

7. Try this DIY spa remedy for your nails!

Mix a teaspoon each of sugar (to smooth), olive oil (to moisturise) and lemon juice (to whiten) into a small bowl, and massage the mixture into your nails and cuticles in a circular motion for 5 to 10 minutes. While the ingredients are there to work their magic on your digits, massaging also helps to increase circulation to your nail beds and promote nail growth.


8. When is it a MUST to use moisturiser?

While it's definitely recommended to moistuse your digits on a regular basis - it promotes a healthy growth, especially for the cuticles, and decreases nail breaks - it's especially important to do it if you're constantly in an air-conditioned environment. 


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diy nail spa treatment

file nails in one direction

how to take care of nails

Ways to Beat Procrastination thumb Procrastinating tasks and goals can compromise your productivity and efficiency at the workplace. Here’s how you can get things done.


Start with the ‘ughh’ list

Once you’ve clocked into work, get to the hardest or most mundane tasks first. It is best to dive into them when your energy level is still high; you’ll feel more productive (and happier) once you get the worst over and done with.


Sort the tasks

Lunch is in two hours, but you’re already thinking of that packet of nasi lemak you brought to work. Before having your meal, go through your to-do list again. Aim to finish half the tasks listed on it. Also, dividing the tasks into smaller segments will help you produce quality work.




Re-assess and restart

Check whether you’ve completed the crucial tasks of the day. If you haven’t, grant yourself a ‘second morning’ and deal with important and urgent matters. Don’t wait till 5pm to evaluate your day’s productivity because you won’t have enough time to turn things around by then.


Time yourself

Use one of the oldest discipline tricks in the book: set a timer for 10 minutes. Work in a single-minded manner, and watch what happens! The odds are that getting things done within a specific time frame will spur you to continue working on the task long after the 10-minute mark. Self-encouragement does wonders at this point!




Ignore all interruptions

You are your own distraction. Toughen up, decline you colleague’s invitation for a chat over teh tarik. As for digital interruptions, there are numerous blocking apps you can download and use for free. Sure, it’s embarrassing to realise you’ve been idle at the office, but hey, who better to point that out than you? 

Ways to Beat Procrastination thumb

Ways to Beat Procrastination thumb

Ways to Beat Procrastination

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woman gets three boobs

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