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topshop malaysia thumb Revealed: when new arrivals come, when the sales begin, and more!

1. When do stores usually stock up on new arrivals? Any particular day of the week/month?
We have two shipments every week hence we have new arrivals every week. 
If I am not mistaken, these new items are displayed every Wednesday – though it may differ from store to store, i.e. PJ, Penang, & Johor.
2. Will only certain stores be the first to host the new items? If yes, which outlets?
Yes, usually our Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL, and Mid Valley Megamall outlets.
3. Besides the Malaysia Mega Sale or Y.E.S period, does your brand tend to have in-store sales from time to time? And when does it usually start?
We usually have Mid Season Sale (April, August), & End Season Sale (June, December).
We also run sales for peak seasons like CNY, Raya, Christmas, NYE.  Instore sale will depend on product availability, and are usually product promos We’d prefer to not run this in your feature/story. appreciate if this does not go live with your story, as my merch team finds it sensitive :/ 
Let’s stick to Mid Season Sale & End Season Sale shall we? :)
Btw- our ESS starts this Thursday! 
4. How is it decided if an item will be up for sale or not?
checking – will get back to you on this.
Update: We’re unable to share this too as it is regarded as P&C trading information.
5. Any shopping tips for loyal customers looking out for new arrivals, exclusive collections and sales items?
Be our Fashion Fast Forward member as we give them the inside scoop on new arrivals, exclusive collection launches, upcoming sale, events and the likes. We can be found on the web, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – handle: F3Malaysia
Customers can also look for our instore stylist, the Personal Shopper, for a shopping experience. This is our complimentary shopping/styling service available in Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, and Sunway Pyramid. Our Personal Shoppers usually reserve items from our latest arrivals for their regulars as they would know what their regulars will like. PS will also get to secure invites for their regulars to attend events & in store collection previews. 

Admit it — don't worry, we're guilty of this too — shopping is totally a year-long affair and that's okay (so long as we don't commit these credit card crimes), because seriously, who can resist all those shiny new arrivals and MAJOR deals? Well, we managed to pull some strings to bring you some insider shopping secrets from three of your fave brands: ZARA, Topshop and KITSCHEN. Let's just say, there really IS a time for shopping. 


zara malaysia sales


1. Zara Malaysia receives new arrivals every two weeks.

2. Zara Malaysia's flagship stores (i.e KLCC) will usually receive a wider variety of items compared to the other outlets. 

3. Zara actually has an annual SS and AW sale called Rebajas. However, the month or date of this sale is usually decided by the principle. 


topshop malaysia sales

Photo: Topshop Malaysia Facebook Page

4. Topshop Malaysia has new arrivals every week, which will usually be displayed every Wednesday. However, this might differ from store to store depending on location, i.e. KL, Penang, Johor, etc. 

5. When it comes to the new items, expect to (definitely) see them first at the Topshop outlets in KLCC, Pavilion KL and Mid Valley Megamall.

6. Topshop Malaysia usually has a Mid-Season Sale (April and August) and an End-Season Sale (June and December).

BONUS: Topshop's Personal Shopper Experience

Be sure to check out Topshop's in-store stylist, aptly titled the Personal Shopper. It's a complimentary shopping/styling service available in KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall and Sunway Pyramid.

If you're a Personal Shopper regular, they would would usually reserve items from Topshop's latest arrivals for you as they'd know what you like best. Also, these Personal Shoppers can even secure invites for their regulars to attend events and in-store collection previews. 


kitschen malaysia shopping sales

Photo: Kitschen Facebook Page

7. New stocks arrive at least twice a week at KITSCHEN. While it depends on location (and other circumstances), it is usually on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday.  

8. Good news! All stores carry the same collection; however, if you don't see certain items in specific stores, it could be due to geographical differences (items may not have arrived at that store) or the items are sold out. 

9. If you want to receive first-hand info and exclusive previews on offers, do sign up for the TRIUM Card — it's a loyalty programme to get the best of three brands: nichii, KITSCHEN and Dressing Paula. Shoppers basically get rewarded every time they shop at these stores and there's even an app for it! 



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